My views on Brexit

Here comes my first political type blog post. I hope I don’t offend people, these are just my opinions. 

Okay, so in June this year we here in England had a referendum where we could vote to stay part of the EU, or whether we wanted to leave. Now I’m not good with polictics. Fact. I am old enough to vote, and I researched both sides of this.. The biggest thing people that voted for leaving the EU was that we apparently have an imageation problem. I do not agree with this one bit. If anything, we aren’t even part of the Schengen Agreement.. I’ll try and insert a clip from the BBC into this if I can, which explains this better than me. 

Schengen Agreement
Anyway, regardless of what I think, we voted, and the biggest vote won, to leave the EU. This makes me so anxious I can’t even explain. It’s already caused more racism and hate.. Which I think will just get worse as we move forward with this. As I’ve already said, I have a duel nationality, but my father only has a German passport. My mum doesn’t have a German one.. What will this mean for my family.. That is what makes me feel so unsure, and very nervous. 

I feel more British than any other country, but I do not agree with this. There’s a lot that needs to change. I’m not saying that Brits are good or bad.. I know we have flaws, but blaming others won’t get us anywhere. We need to stand up for what’s right. I realise I’m a hypocrite. I’m writing this on an anonymous blog. I’m scared of how my views will be seen by some people. But I need to write regardless. 

Anyway, that’s my ramble for today. Thank you for reading. Stay strong. x


A little about me

Okay, so I know I have already done something similar, but I think it’s time I update this a little. 

Last year was difficult. One of my best friends died due to a combination of factors, her mental illness (she struggled with a few) and a complete let down in her care. Well in my option.

Last year my gran had a stroke and has since been near enough bed-ridden, meaning my dad has hardly been able to come to England. My sister graduation university, studying medicine, and I started my part time course in Pastry. Last year I had some input from services with my personality disorder, but only a little, and this year I fought to get back into therapy for my eating disorder (I’ve been formally diagnosed with Bulimia, although I still find it difficult to come to terms with it all)

Anyway, so I am now 23 years old. I’m a female who lives just outside of London. I am still working on a better relationship with my family, we are slowly getting there, well, mostly. I have an older sister (but we rarly talk) a younger brother, who’s relationship is slowly improving and both my parents. My dad works in Germany, my mum here in England, I live alone due to a big variety of factors, and that’s okay. 

I compelled my level 2 pastry course in June.. Well only just. I had relapsed quit badly and very almost ended my life.. My eating got out of hand (when was it ever normal though..) 

I’m still in therapy for my eating.. Here in England you’re put on a waiting list, I waited for about 3 months, which is not that bad, in other places in this country people wait over a year. I was given 24(?) I think (?) sessions, and I now only have 10(?) sessions left.. Roughly. I’m not too sure. In between this my therapist has changed.. Great, as if it wasn’t hard enough opening up to one person. 

I was due to go back to college in September.. Well I did go back.. But only for a little while. I know I need to work on my eating, and I think being in that environment was making it worse, so I had to make a decision. Take some time out, get stronger and hopefully return a better person, or continue, get worse, and probably need more time off in the long term. Of course it wasn’t that simple, and I was heart broken. I love the work, and I know it’s what I want todo in my life, but I’m not ready yet. 

So, that’s what I’m trying to do. I want to write my stuff here. I don’t care if nobody reads. I think it’s more to document things, and have an outlet for myself. Im planning on writing a few political stuff.. Well my views on them.. Some life stuff. Therapy… A bit of everything I hope. I’d like to raise some awareness along the way. Even help make people less alone.. If I can.
Sending love to you all. Stay strong. x

Re-starting this..? 

Hi all, I am thinking of re-starting, whatever this is.. I guess an insight to my life.. I am still unsure, and am currently reading some of my old posts to see where/how to go about it all. I am working on it. Please bear with me. I have lots to say and this seems a good place as any to start.