My views on Brexit

Here comes my first political type blog post. I hope I don’t offend people, these are just my opinions. 

Okay, so in June this year we here in England had a referendum where we could vote to stay part of the EU, or whether we wanted to leave. Now I’m not good with polictics. Fact. I am old enough to vote, and I researched both sides of this.. The biggest thing people that voted for leaving the EU was that we apparently have an imageation problem. I do not agree with this one bit. If anything, we aren’t even part of the Schengen Agreement.. I’ll try and insert a clip from the BBC into this if I can, which explains this better than me. 

Schengen Agreement
Anyway, regardless of what I think, we voted, and the biggest vote won, to leave the EU. This makes me so anxious I can’t even explain. It’s already caused more racism and hate.. Which I think will just get worse as we move forward with this. As I’ve already said, I have a duel nationality, but my father only has a German passport. My mum doesn’t have a German one.. What will this mean for my family.. That is what makes me feel so unsure, and very nervous. 

I feel more British than any other country, but I do not agree with this. There’s a lot that needs to change. I’m not saying that Brits are good or bad.. I know we have flaws, but blaming others won’t get us anywhere. We need to stand up for what’s right. I realise I’m a hypocrite. I’m writing this on an anonymous blog. I’m scared of how my views will be seen by some people. But I need to write regardless. 

Anyway, that’s my ramble for today. Thank you for reading. Stay strong. x

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