A little apologise

My dear, lovely readers,

I am so very sorry I have not been spending much, well to be truthful any time to my blog. My very lame excuse is that I have had a lot going on. I spent another 2 weeks in hospital under the mental health act, from which I am still under, but on leave. I want to re-start this, and document my journey here much more.

So today, its Monday afternoon, I have the home treatment team coming to see me later this evening, and I have my ward round tomorrow, which I am very nervous about. I’m hoping my care coordinator shows up for it, and that I will be discharged. I know the ward I am on currently is very unsafe for me, and if anything has made me feel more unstable than I was already.

Amway, I will let you all know if and when I have more to update on. I’m sending all you wonderful people as much love as I can!

Stay strong! x

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