Another update

So much has been happening..
I started my apprenticeship! I had a wobbly and was back in hospital, but am back at my apprenticeship now. I’ve told work that I suffer with mental health problems, and try have been soo amazing and supportive! I am so lucky for that!
I’m still struggling a lot. I had a family event yesterday, and one of my uncles mentioned that I’d lost weight since last time I saw him.. And he joked about how I’m working in a kitchen and how I’ll put on weight now.. He doesn’t know.. No one of my family know about my eating, which is getting progressively worse.
I’m going to try and make an appointment to see my gp tomorrow.. *sigh* but I need more meds.

But yeah, that’s about it really. Feeling like I have no energy for anyone and I’m really feeling guilty for not seeing my friends, who are all struggling.. But I’m so busy and stressed with work and college hat I just get in and sleep. I had my first ever payday on Friday! 🙂 which was an amazing feeling! Although almost all the money has already gone to rent.. It’s still nice to know I earned it and not taken it from taxpayers.. Now I’m a taxpayer.

Anyway, thank you for reading. I’m sorry for being so rubbish at writing atm.
Take care. x

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