So, I’m sorry about my lack of posting. I’ve been trying very hard to think of a good post.. But haven’t really come up with one. I think I’m just going to ramble a little, so please bear with me and be a bit patient.

I’ve been really struggling. My support worker found out about my eating.. And confronted me about it. I told him. He told my care coordinator.. I had a meeting last week with her and a psychiatrist doctor… They said I have an eating dissorder. I didn’t realize how bad I was. I’m still struggling with it. I’ve got a couple of close friends with eating disorders, and it wouldn’t say I was that bad.. No where near as bad actually. But the professionals wouldn’t listen.

I have a couple of friend who have been really unwell and am really worried about them. Well, there’s lots of friends that I’m worried about to be truthful. They all mean so much to me and I would do almost anything I can to help them.

My support network has had a bit of a glitch, as so many of my fiends are struggling.. I haven’t wanted to let them know what’s really going on. Hardly anyone knows. Even professionals don’t really know.

I know people say not to get too involved with others that are struggling when you yourself are, and it’s the advice I would give to anyone in my position. But, as always, I can’t take my own advice. I feel so strongly that I need to help my friends, I’ve had two friends, one close and one that I only really knew, that took their lives two years ago.. And I feel very responsible. I feel I need to help my friends more than ‘normal’ as I am always scarred to lose them.
I know it’s draining me.. It’s making me worse.. But I need to help them. People, I’m sure don’t understand.

I think that’s about it really. I’m sorry for the ramble. I hope you are all ok.
Thank you for reading. 🙂 x

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