So, as promised, a post on tattoos. I myself have two, but know lots of people that have more.
My family all disapprove of me having tattoos, but it’s my body and my life.
My first tattoo I got over a year ago. But it’s not one I’m going to discuss in this blog because its very special to me and lots of my friends so it wouldn’t be fair on them.
My second is a semi-colon on the side of my left hand. It symbolises what a semi-colon really symbolises. A sentience that could have been ended. For me it means that I am the writer of my own life and I could and almost did.. But I didn’t. Every time I feel like ending it all I will look at the tattoo and remind myself that I managed to get through it before. And if I need to make a decision I can look at it and remember that I am making it for myself.

Please remember that you are all writers of your life. People will influence what happens, but it is important to never let others write it for you. Something I am still learning.
Thank you for reading.

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