Hair and general change

So, lots of things are changing for me at the moment, and I needed a monumental thing to show that.. So a change in hair style was the one. I have also had another tattoo done, but that will come in another blog.
Hair for me is always a difficult one as I had an incident 2 years ago where I shaved off all my hair.. not that I remember the majority of it.  

Two years later my hair has grown, and today I visited the hair dresser for only the second time since. It alway scares me now, and so do not go often. I avoid it as I do with lots of things really.

But today I bitt the bullet as they say and had it cut. I even had a fringe put in so look even more different. My anxiety has gone right up and was close to tears as I watched my hair falling to the ground. I plan on colouring my hair also.. But have not fully recovered.. And have not for the guts as yet.

Change can always be a scary thing, which I know lots avoid. But changing, especially for the better, is good and sometimes very necessary.

Thank you for reading! x

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