Difficult time…

I’m sorry for my lack of posting. I’ve been really struggling, and have not had the inspiration or knowledge as to know what to post.
I have since decided to just post about what is happening.
So, I’ve been really struggling with high emotions and difficult urges to deal with.. Which I’m not.
So I’ve never really had issues with my weight. I mean I’ve always hated the way I look.. But at the moment it runs so much deeper. Every time I looks at myself in the mirror all see is far I am.. Ugly face.. Thunder thighs.. Bingo wings.. Fat, fat, fat.
I have started eating less and exercising more. I hope this helps these thoughts.
Anyway.. Been self harming a bit too.. Lots of my friends are really struggling at the moment.. and I’m doing the best I can to help them… but I feel like I’m not helping much.. feel like a hypocrite whenever I say anything.. I try and tell them how to change… but i don’t take my own advice..
Sorry. That’s my moan over. Hoping you are all ok. Thank you for reading. x

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