So, England is blessed with a sunny warm day, and it has me thinking of how weather affects your mood. Now, I can’t talk for everyone, so I will say how it affects my mood.
Lets start with sun, in general it makes me feel slightly better. But when it starts to get hot I find it difficult to manage. There are two main reasons behind this, first and I think easiest to describe is because of my scars, this makes me feel very self conscious and so feel unable to go out and enjoy the weather. The second is that I find it difficult to see how everyone is so happy outside. Happy families, friends, and couples enjoying themselves. I feel like, when it’s sunny and warm, I need to act happy to conform with societies image, which is very draining. Let me just add that this does not include holidays when I am away to enjoy the weather, although even this is a rarity now.
These reasons mean I prefer weather that is cool. I for one really enjoy rain, proper rain not London drizzle.
But for me, the best weather is snow. Without a doubt snow brings out the inner child in me, and in so many others. Snow for me symbolises innocence. A blank slate where anything can happen. Anything is possible. For me it brings more hope, that things are able to change and you can achieve happiness. Winter is soon followed by spring, my favourite time of the year, as you can see how nature grows and things change.

I want to leave you all with a little thought. If your having a hard time, a dark day where you feel stuck, trapped or just upset, try and think of whatever has gotten you through in the past. Things can better, you need to believe in yourselves, and ask for help when needed. Thinking of you all.

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